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Evidence Sells

You can't force people to buy.

Life isn't black and white, yet most sales processes ultimately rely on the hope that a single conversation or engagement ends with a 'yes'.

It all goes pear-shaped and frustrating when it ends with a 'no' And 'no' can take on many forms.

I haven't looked at your quote yet, can I have a brochure?, can I get back to you? I'm waiting on my Boards' approval.

Alternatively, there's the silent rejection such as shopping cart abandonment.

What Can You Do?

Stop chasing yes and closing doors and instead focus on providing evidence at every opportunity. Create the reality that you need to effectively position yourself in your market.

Tell the truth and then let the market make its mind up because that is all you can do. Unless you have a monopoly, you can't force people to buy.

The purpose of brand positioning is to provide comparative difference. Your differentiation then allows you to justify value and price.

  • If you've succeeded with a project for a large company - provide evidence.

  • If you've been featured in a credible publication - provide evidence.

  • If you have an impressive list of clients who trust you - provide evidence.

  • If you have unique intellectual property - provide evidence.

The majority of companies I work with are exceptional at what they do. The biggest hurdle is not effectively framing their truth.

These are where the real opportunities lie, not in 'clever marketing'. The key is to make the truth compelling.

Anything else is just noise.

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