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Everything we do in business is judged by our customer either consciously or subconsciously.


The efficiency of the courier we use, the attitude of our team, our language style, our operational policies, how we respond to problems, our pricing and product features - everything.

Pragmatist & Trusted Advisor.

Hamish is a versatile and pragmatic expert in communications who will help you navigate the complexities of brand building and brand management - and get it right.

His style being summarised by one client as “Be prepared for an interesting journey that should change the way you do business”, Hamish Chadwick is a branding expert who helps businesses to rapidly improve their communications to attract profitable customers and opportunities. 


For more than fifteen years Hamish has helped people turn their brands around from obscurity or decline into powerful assets that generate sales.​

Hamish Chadwick

“For too long ‘branding’ and the brand development process has led many businesses down the proverbial garden path, where the money invested in it has returned little more than confusion or skepticism. Branding ‘focus sessions’ that ask ‘if your organisation were a car, what model would you be?’ or ‘what animal would it be’ has little to do with the competitive realities of business and does not answer the big questions on what a brand is and how can it be used it to drive sales”.


Hamish has assisted companies of all sizes to make the decisions that have taken them out of obscurity or decline into thriving organisations. Real branding is never an easy task. Difficult questions must be asked and conventional wisdom must be challenged. Hamish has never been satisfied with ‘what everyone else is doing’. If he’s not taking you out of your comfort zone, he knows he’s not working hard enough.


Hamish has proven that pragmatic brand strategy can transform a business. It can make the new or untried trusted, the unknown and elusive familiar and welcoming, and reignite the old and tired.  His focus is on untangling the complexities of messaging and ensuring leaders and their teams know what’s required to build and sustain real competitive difference. 


He has consulted to both small and multi-national organisations in a variety of industries ranging from manufacturing, engineering, IT, automotive to professional services.


His written work has included articles in and Dynamic Export Magazine, and his comment has been sought from media outlets including the ABC, 9News and Fairfax.

  1. Implementation - creating real and positive change, and creating the momentum for that change

  2. Pragmatism - no ‘feel good’ solutions - it must look good, sound good and provide results

  3. Roadmaps & Direction - Powerful brand differentiation and strategy that compels people to take action (both customers for increased revenue and your team to champion the strategy)

  4. Certainty - Determining what makes your company competitively and profitably different. No more guessing or worrying about what you should be doing or how you should be doing it

The 4 key outcomes to expect when you work with Hamish

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Be prepared for an interesting journey that should change the way you do business

- M. Lewis, Executive Director

The value I gain from Hamish is immeasurable – it goes beyond a dollar figure.

- R. Williams, General Manager

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