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Focus Areas

Disruption & Influence

Most businesses do a lot of great work and deliver tremendous value. They have a defined target market and they’re good at what they do. But they fly under the radar.


Increasingly businesses and organizations find themselves in a position where they need to rapidly secure funding, form strategic alliances, attract new customers or members, or even lobby governments to progress their industry through legislative change.


As markets, customers and trends change so does the demands placed on your brand. If you need to ‘punch above’ your current weight, influence debate - or at the very least get a seat at the table, then you will need to get your brand positioning and message structure in order.

Reinvent & Reinvigorate

All businesses require and expect growth - but are you prepared for it?

As the saying goes ‘what got you here will not get you there’


Perhaps you’re already on the trajectory, you just need to make sure your brand is keeping pace and is doing its job of supporting your long-term strategic objectives


“The roll-on effects of the financial crisis have created a new breed of customer and mindset that affect all of us. There are still budgets available, but buyers ferociously shop around for perceived ‘best value’, and companies operate with a ‘lean and mean’ philosophy".


Perception is reality. If what you’re doing, what you’re saying, what you’re promising, down to how people are talking about you is not compelling, you’re most likely not even in the race”. 

Persuasion & Presence 

Especially with large organisations or older businesses, the term ‘collective experience’ pops up occasionally. ‘Our team has 150 years of combined experience’.


So what? Congratulations for turning up every day for 20 years? Nice. 

Turning your Intellectual Capital (IC) into marketable, brand powerful Intellectual Property is the new standard in brand building.


With so much information available to customers, a strategy for thought leadership is no longer a luxury.


Talk to me about systems that can be put in place to extract, expand build and market your intellectual property to ensure you remain relevant and can sustain your revenue streams.


We don’t live in an information age, we live in a media age - and if you’re not developing and publishing compelling content, you will fall behind.

Don’t become a victim because you’re another best-kept secret.

From Competitive to Distinctive

It’s not enough for businesses to be ‘competitive’. Being competitive merely puts you on the playing field - it’s not enough to sustain you in today's economy. Coming up to standard is not enough.


You need to devote your energy and resources to become distinctive. If you are truly distinctive you are far less likely to be held hostage to price pressures and other market changes.


I work with companies who are already thriving but want to take the next steps to grow their brand and their revenue. My expertise is perfect for;


  • Rapidly growing brands who want to maintain their peak performance

  • Businesses that have little-perceived difference to competitors

  • Businesses that have customers that are highly cost focused price has become the only tool to compete

  • Businesses that operate in fiercely competitive markets where price has become the only tool to compete

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