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Get Your Strategic & Creative Juices Flowing with these Powerful Articles & Papers written by Hamish Chadwick.

Why You Need to Start Selling The Transition

It’s just so frustrating. You know that you have a better product, a superior product, a tastier product, it smells better, works harder, is better integrated, is more efficient, has more features and to top it all off it makes life easier for your customer’s customers. It just doesn’t get any better....

How To Create Measurable Brand Value

Thriving companies know that they must protect their brand values and actively manage their perceived worth if they’re going to withstand change, downturns and competition.

People Join Brands & Leave Cultures

Your brand’s health is dependent on allowing people to champion and grow your brand. I have witnessed the rapid decline of a market leading brand by a toxic culture that was a direct result of a management style that shunned contribution if it didn’t come 'from the top’. This attitude resulted in a double-digit attrition rate.

Lessons Learnt From The Downturn

Let it be a lesson that complacency in the good times will lead to greater stress and much longer recovery times when things go south.

Preventing Website Failure. Dont Be Afraid to Speak Up.

One of the greatest causes of website failure is the lack of a meaningful dialogue between web developers and business and marketing managers. Managers aren’t stupid, they know what they want and they’re good at what they do, they simply have trouble articulating this to a web team who ultimately have control of how that business will be perceived on the web.

Why Effective Marketing is the Basis For a Successful Business - In Any Climate

A fundamental shift in thinking is required if you’re going to excel in a difficult market. Every business must be in the business of marketing if it's going to thrive, which means every team member must have a responsibility and accountability in the sales process and building the brand.

Branding 102: Is Your Brand Export Ready?

The greatest threat to your success when launching in an international market is not being accepted at your target price point. You might have the right visual cues to indicate your price point, but without evidence to support that promise, are you worth the risk?

Brand Fundamentals for Professional Associations

Association brands are more and more being expected to promote the values and difference of its membership, but are those brands in there current form up to the job? Reaching out to your member’s customers puts a very different set of demands on the Association’s brand.

Brand Strategy For The New Economy

The business landscape is littered with failed brands that claimed to be bigger, better, newer, faster or smarter. Don't make the same mistakes, arm yourself with these powerful strategies and tactics...

How To Stop Selling & Reduce Your Competition

The problem isn’t in your manner, your tone or the myriad of features you have. You’re selling what’s 'on the box'. And what’s on the box is plainly obvious to me.

Branding 101: Creating Formidable Taglines

A good tagline can be worth thousands, even millions of dollars in revenue. They’re a short verbal expression of brand strategy and have the capacity to attract and repel audiences. 

They have the power to shape market perception and help guide entire organisations and their teams on what is expected of them and what they are a part of....

The 3 Hurdles to Online Loyalty

Achieving customer loyalty online is like maintaining a series of one-night-stands and calling it a relationship. The measure of success is based solely on how good your last performance was.


Learn to apply the ITD™ Principle to your website.

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