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Hamish is an expert in the field of branding and is a pleasure to work with.  Hamish created our brand name and visual brand with our customer, market and personal preferences at the core of his thinking. 


This ‘branding guy’ is easy to work with and will ensure you develop and protect your brand value.  You’re in safe hands with Hamish and sure to enjoy the process that will deliver beyond your expectation.  


Greg and Ethan Gately

Exersia™ | Move Towards™

Chris Collinge, Managing Director, bytherules Conveyancing

We engaged Hamish Chadwick to help us in naming a new product offering. Prior to working with Hamish, we'd kicked around a few ideas for a while, but couldn't settle on a choice. Hamish walked us through his process, kept in regular communications and accommodated our twists and turns as we worked towards our final selection.


We are very happy with the outcome and would use Hamish again in the future.

Shaun McKernie


As an Industrial Designer who’s niche is “first to world” (highly Inventive products that have never been done before) products I need a good naming associate. 


Unique products need a name that makes them stand out in the crowd.  It doesn’t necessarily need to be shocking to stand out but it does need to capture the essence of the product and tie in seamlessly with the message that goes along with the new offering.


I’ve recently used Hamish to generate names for a very unique Shaving System, a Device for processing Medical Marijuana and a one of a kind, insulated hand tool.  In all three cases, he came up with incredibly appropriate names that both describe the essence of their point of difference and positioned them above their competitors to increase their perceived value.  


Added to this he also always goes the extra mile to try and find a solution that can be covered in the Patent System through some means, usually a Trademark in the case of a naming exercise.  This is important with “first to world” projects as they are typically packaged for sale or licencing with a powerful Intellectual Property portfolio to enhance the offering.


Hamish has a certain “knack” of coming up with the goods and I’d recommend his services to anyone needing that outstanding name to differentiate their product to launch it with.




Scot Farley

Principal Designer

F3 Industrial Design

Bruce Alvey


Alvey Fishing Reels

At F3 Industrial Design, we specialise in highly Inventive, “first to world” products and as such, product naming can be very challenging.   


And as the product is new, it is essential that it has a good launchpad, making naming a crucial aspect of the project.  Get it wrong and you will send a confusing message that will undermine the sales process, get it right and it will enhance it.


With products that are unique, there is no benchmark to work from and hence you sometimes need to go right back to first principles to generate a meaningful name or brand. 


This was the case recently when the naming of a brand new kind of hand tool had me and the Inventor entirely stumped. 


We engaged Hamish Chadwick and within a very short period, he had a name that was perfectly aligned with the product range and helped enhance the underlying message we wanted the brand to tell.


I would highly recommend Hamish for his work in this area.



Scot Farley 

Principle Designer at F3 Industrial Design

I was introduced to Hamish Chadwick via a colleague who was assisting me with my invention, called Buzz Buddy (  At the time I was looking for someone to help me design a name, box and market my product.  As a rookie to this industry, I was really uncertain where to go, and frankly a bit worried.


We initially met and chatted about the product name over coffee.  I really liked the fact that he was upfront enough to tell me which names would and wouldn’t work.  It was a collaborative process too, which is great for someone like me who loves to be a part of everything.  I felt this was really respectful of him too, to share in the process.

After naming the product we proceeded to design the box. 


It took us a while, but Hamish was really patient and sent me many ideas. He was prompt and efficient and gave feedback straight away.  He wasn’t frightened to challenge my ideas which is something I really respect, and he was happy for me to challenge his ideas as well.  We ended up with a fantastic box and I am really thrilled with it.  As well as this, Hamish helped me get quotes on the box and the people I finally chose (who he initially recommended) were fantastic and the final product is exceptional. 


Next, we did the website.  Having never had my own website before, Hamish took charge, purchased it for me and together we worked to set it up.  I think it looks fantastic.  Have a look for yourself!  Since then he has managed my Facebook advertising, posters, fliers, virtually everything for me, and my Buzz-Buddy is going really well.  We have been up and running for eleven months and are selling in almost every state in Australia and internationally. 


Without Hamish’s support I don’t know what I would do.  He has played a really big part in the success of my product, and cheerily answered hundreds of stressed phone calls or emails from me whilst we were getting the project off the ground. 

I would highly recommend you use Hamish for any Marketing.  He is essentially a great guy, humble, kind, relaxed, down-to-earth, generous with his time, and he produces fantastic results.   We have worked collaboratively through this entire process but I have no doubt in my mind that without Hamish I would not have got my product off the ground. 


Thank you so much Hamish.  


Lisa Holownia

Hamish recently helped me with my naming/branding project. Hamish did not stop until we got the ultimate result. Due to other commitments, I had restricted hours to work on my project. He worked with me tirelessly on weekends, late nights, public holidays, whatever it took.


He went above and beyond. When things got hard, he went away and thought outside the box. When Hamish ‘Hit the nail on the head’, I was close to tears. The result was beyond my wildest dreams. I’m looking forward to the next phase of my project that will require Hamish’s expertise and ‘different’ way of thinking.

Ben Hyde



Hamish Chadwick has completed a major rebranding and marketing plan for the Institute over the past 12 months. We would have no hesitation in recommending Hamish's services to any organisation looking to update their image and project their offerings to their target market.


Paul Nielsen

National President

Australian Institute of Business Brokers

Speaking with Hamish is a unique experience as he turns conventional wisdom on its head and is not afraid to ask tough questions. His ideas have had a profound impact on the way I think about and run my business. 

Our monthly sessions continue to be invaluable in helping me to focus both my strategies and thinking.


Joe Kafrouni LLB, LLM

Kafrouni Lawyers

Hamish redesigned our organisation website making it more attractive and easier to navigate, not to mention, easier to manage! The training and ongoing support for the site have been brilliant – even with the tricky requests that we’ve had.


Megan Ogier for  Peter Strong, CEO

Council of Small Business Organisations of Australia (COSBOA)

Customers from all over Australia believe that we are an established, trustworthy company and they have no qualms paying up front over the phone. 


Ken Roberts

Kentbowl Pty Ltd

Hamish's ability to not only provide services but to offer ideas and implement strategy

along the way has resulted in many positive outcomes.

One of the few consultants to offer sound branding and communications advice at all levels.


Brendan Feltoe

Managing Director


Hamish's ability to acquire market knowledge and understanding of customer and consumer behaviour and his business “nous”, has enabled him to act directly for me in strategic major rebranding exercises and also in tactical business improvements such as skills training and staff development.​


He is NOT just a supplier of services – he becomes part of your corporate DNA and therefore enriches the overall business gene pool.


Richard Williams

General Manager

ESS Group

The results Hamish produced exceeded my wildest expectations.

He hit the nail right on the head!


Steve Garden

Hamish’s ideas, advice and direction has been vital in helping us communicate our sales message clearly and concisely.


Neil Saxon

We found the service Hamish provided invaluable in the manner in which he:


  • Firstly dissuaded us of our preconceived notions of what a new company name should, and should not be. 

  • Secondly, invested considerable time to understand our business and how our clients view us (including speaking directly with a number of our key clients). 

  • Thirdly produced an extensive list of options for us to choose from, and helped us narrow them down to shortlist which we are currently trademarking.


Paul McArdle



In these times of economic uncertainty Hamish will make sure your brand represents your company in the best light.


Run, don't walk so your first impression can be its best. 


Monte Huebsch


His thorough research and genuine interest in our company, future directions and goals resulted in a very successful outcome.



Lyndal Barnes

Hanley Industrial Enterprises

Be prepared for an interesting journey that should change the way you do business.


Mark Lewis

Hamish’s involvement and assistance has gone far beyond what I had expected. He identified our target market and the importance of preserving our existing client base.


The process also helped both myself and my staff identify and understand the business’s image.  

We were able to appreciate why our clients liked our services (and what they disliked) and gain an insight into their expectations of the business for the future. 


Bill Wilson

Wilson Lawyers

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