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Rapid Results. 


Retainer Arrangements for Growth

Rapid results and access to me is what all my retainer clients experience. It could be a two-minute phone call, a question via email or being involved with my client's team for strategic planning. Whatever it is required, the speed of my response and the results that follow is what my reputation is built on.

Being able to think and act quickly is the reason my clients continue to retain me under this working arrangement.


For more than a decade I have been working ‘on call’ for my clients across a range of industries including consumables, professional services, legal, online retail, mining, and manufacturing. This breadth of knowledge working across a broad range of industries allows me to provide critical insights, valuable advice and be able to execute projects at a moments notice.


All my retainer arrangements are customised to suit my client and are either short-term (up to 3 months, or 12 months or more). 



A brief list of outcomes achieved for my clients include;


  • Rapid Response: designing and launching a campaign website within a day that helped secure a client account worth more than $1.5m

  • Increase Revenue & Reduce Follow-Up: determining a marketing message and collateral ‘on-the-fly’ to resolve a problem in a sales process which resulted in a significant number of customers agreeing to sign up on the spot rather than procrastinate 

  • Communication That Pays: working with executives to determine effective language and how to best ‘frame’ scenarios for preferred outcomes in partner and supplier negotiations 



In a fast-moving world, the ability to respond quickly and effectively can far outweigh product and service benefits. Those who have the capacity to act swiftly will win.


If you would like to explore how I can provide value to you and your team, please contact me.

Contact Hamish Chadwick

mobile: 0419 729 011

direct: (07) 3312 5588

I find that Hamish readily “gives” on matters outside of his scope of works, That is to say that he acts as a sounding board and mentor (in the true sense of the word) by providing an opportunity for me to vent, test, brainstorm, discuss and gain feedback on all aspects of business life.


The value I gain from this is immeasurable – it goes beyond a $ figure.​


- R. Williams, General Manager.

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