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Typical Client Results


Hamish Chadwick is a branding expert who helps companies to rapidly improve their communications to attract profitable customers and opportunities. 


For more than fifteen years Hamish has helped people turn their brands around from obscurity or decline into powerful assets that generate sales.

Dramatic Reputation Enhancement
dramatic reputation enhancement

> The Challenge


A national Association with over 300 members had reached a critical point where the unique value it offered the marketplace was not understood, which was making it increasingly difficult to effectively lobby State and Federal Governments on behalf of members. The members were also not considered a true ‘peer’ of other professional service providers which was resulting in some members being marginalized during client projects.


> The Intervention


With such a diverse membership and with emotions running high on what would be the best way forward, I suggested an approach that engaged both the members and management team to ensure the strategies implemented were supported. 


I created a wide-ranging and comprehensive brand messaging strategy that outlined how the organisation could substantially elevate their perceived value and relevance. A content creation and multichannel publishing schedule utilising video, audio and printed media with revenue-raising initiatives were implemented.


An entirely new visual and verbal brand architecture was designed to jolt the market’s attention and to bring the standard of Association into line with peer organisations, to ensure it could stand shoulder to shoulder with them and to make certain lobbying and marketing efforts were effective.


I determined how previously tightly held member data and metrics could be used to make a compelling regular publication to proactively combat misinformation in the market that was diminishing the respect of members as professional service providers.


> The Results


The image and repute of the Association were dramatically enhanced so that it has become a true ‘thought leader‘ that has genuine influence with key stakeholders in both the business community and at executive and ministerial levels of both State and Federal Government. 


Within a matter of months, the association went from struggling to ‘get a foot in the door’ to being invited to the table. $100,000 in sponsorship funding was secured as a direct result of the new marketing channels put in place.

Reduce Competitive Threat
Reduce Competitive Threat

> The Challenge


A specialised consumables company with an international reputation and more than 100 years of history had a brand that was floundering in the face of emerging local competitors and increasing pressures from a globalised marketplace. Despite their reputation for quality and service, margins were being eroded due to the organisation being perceived as old-fashioned and lacking innovation.


> The Intervention


To correct the misconceptions, attract new customers and allow for expansion and growth, I recommended an approach that divided the brand strategy into three components of 'show', 'prove' and 'do'. 


We completed a total refresh of the visual brand architecture, developed succinct and direct supporting taglines and updated the language style on all primary communications materials. This vital first step was designed to ‘show’ the market that the company was moving ahead.


To further remove the entrenched negative image we needed to support the promises made with the new visual and verbal brand. I made recommendations to provide ‘proof’ by; 


  • Developing prominent sub-brands for crucial support services to enhance the perceived capability and expertise of the company;

  • Designing and implementing a comprehensive website and ordering system for parts. This website is still considered the industry benchmark regarding usability and functionality;

  • Using humour and satire in selected media campaigns to successfully break the barriers and gain attention in what is considered to be a highly conservative marketplace and;

  • Segmenting and packaging up products with tailored marketing to accurately target each key market and reverse the perceived lack of specialisation.


The final component of the strategy was to ensure all customer interactions supported the desired brand position - to ‘do’ consistently what was promised. This was achieved by developing a simple and practical guide to customer interaction and communication.


> The Results


The company went from a floundering image to a national brand powerhouse that increased sales and profitability within a short timeframe. The strategies initially took the organisation out of its comfort zone, which was needed to jolt internal (staff) perceptions; however, it paid off immensely.


The brand message resonated with the national market and gained traction in international markets.

They are now widely recognised for innovation, problem-solving and speed of delivery.


The brand is now perceived to be genuinely customer-centric, and new large account customers were secured, resulting in the company becoming one of the most profitable of its type in the Australasian region. 

Breakthrough Messaging
Breakthrough Messaging

> The Challenge


One of Australia’s largest independent lodging search agents with a loyal following of hundreds of clients was struggling to secure new business due to a perceived lack of technological capability. Prospective customers were making comparisons with competitors, unaware of the true value that was on offer.


> The Intervention


I recommended the implementation of a 4 point plan that would strengthen the brand, add value to existing client relationships, determine new marketing tactics and a strategy to attract new clients.


I started by addressing a number of internal operational factors that were affecting the brand message by putting too much emphasis on the technological side of the service. All systems, behaviours and policies that were contradicting the desired message were rectified. 


I designed a new compelling value proposition, powerful tagline and other brand language that reframed the service offering and repositioned the competition. I then worked with the management team to formalise a rebate offer to help retain existing revenue streams.


I created a new marketing and communications program that targeted two buyer types (economic buyers and end users). Among the items that were implemented I developed six months worth of content that was designed to provoke the market, two marketing campaigns that targeted prospective clients and implemented a 90 day plan with daily, weekly and monthly tasks to build the brand message.


> The Results


Instead of constantly having to defend their perceived weaknesses the company now proactively markets its strengths using tactics and brand messaging that effectively repositions the competition. New customers are won because they appreciate the unique service offering that can’t be matched by competitors. 


Sales and support staff that were becoming despondent at defending the company’s weakness are now reinvigorated with the brand message that supports what they excel at every day - prompt, accurate and friendly customer service.


The new brand messaging attracted the attention of one of their nearest competitors who sought a partnership arrangement that will significantly boost profits.

Rapid Customer Acquisition
Rapid Customer Acquisition

> The Challenge


A startup national automotive franchise needed to rapidly enter the market and quickly sign franchisees to the group.  Although a sound business model had been implemented, the Directors were cognisant that their success would be dependent on how the franchise brand would be accepted by their target market in the face of tough competition. Franchisees would not only need to accept the brand but be willing to champion and promote it as they would their own company brand.


> The Intervention


My primary objective was to enable the company to enter the market quickly to ensure a positive cash-flow could be achieved. I conducted market research that assisted in determining how the brand could be effectively differentiated in the marketplace.


I determined the visual brand and verbal branding elements such as a powerful tagline and positioning statement that would be critical for use in marketing literature and guide language style during negotiations. 


Tangibility was crucial as the franchise was new. To ensure the right perception was set I worked with the management team to create a set of marketing materials that included bespoke photography, a TV advertising signature and a website that gave the immediate impression the company had a nationwide capability. 


> The Result


The brand strategy was credited in playing a substantial role in securing 25 outlets within the first 5 months of launching, well exceeding targets. The group went on to secure 90 stores Australia wide. 


McNae Group


Hamish developed a product name for a unique piece of patented technology that the company had designed. The chosen name was available for immediate international trademarking and '.com' domain name registration.





Hamish helped Data#3 achieve their sales targets and significantly enhance their standing with the Queensland Government to maintain a lucrative supply contract. The digital marketing strategy we implemented enabled their Government and related customers to purchase IT equipment more efficiently, removing frustration from the sales process.



Global Roam Pty Ltd


Hamish consulted with Global Roam to determine a new trading name that best suited their growth plans. A total of nine unique names were successfully registered as trademarks. Other intellectual property such as .com prefix domain names and company names were also able to be secured.

The company is now in a position to select one brand name to launch to the market and use the other names for sub-divisions or products when required.



Wilson Lawyers


Hamish worked with the partners to make the brand work hard to achieve growth targets. Staff focus groups and client interviews were used to determine gaps in perceived value. The new brand provided a confidence boost to staff as well as positioning the firm to secure new large commercial accounts.





Hamish worked with Envirowatt to ramp up their communications, rapidly establishing credibility for their business. We were able to put them in a position to win a major international contract.



Our Daily Bread Pty Ltd


Hamish removed the guesswork and provided clarity on strategies for obtaining critical data in order to substantiate a business case to propel the organisation forward.



HP & Data#3


Hamish developed a website and strategy to launch an HP server system. The website and marketing strategy was specifically aimed at attracting delegates to a launch event. The website proved to be a success as attendance to the event greatly exceeded expectations.



Global Roam Pty Ltd


Hamish worked with Global Roam to determine a website content strategy that strengthened the positioning of te company and attract key talent to the business.



Tenneco Automotive


For Tenneco Automotive we refined and streamlined the brand of their exhaust replacement group, Carline. We conducted extensive research that gave the management team a clear snapshot of strengths and weaknesses of the group's national communications. Comprehensive brand management guidelines now allow State Managers the ability to control, manage and audit the group's communications at all levels.





For Catsafe Hamish developed a brand and marketing strategy that has positioned them to take advantage of impending legislation changes that will require cat owners to keep their pets contained.  Within a short space of time they have sold their products to customers around Australia.



Ludowici Ltd 


For Ludowici, Hamish evaluated employee attitudes across their various business units worldwide and interviewed key clients and suppliers to assess current perceptions to determine how the company should move forward. A visual and verbal brand system was implemented to reflect the companies new direction.  positively changed market perceptions across all business units.





Hamish consulted with 4impact to develop a brand that communicated their unique difference that helped them with their aggressive growth strategy. We developed a powerful tagline "Humans, Not Resources" that successfully formed the cornerstone of their values and communications that helped to put them on the industry map.



A1 Exhaust Group


For A1 Exhausts Hamish designed a brand and communications strategy that saw the group secure 25 outlets within 5 months of launching, well exceeding their targets. The group has since grown to over 90 stores Australia wide.



Hanley Industrial Enterprises


For Hanley Industrial Enterprises Hamish conducted staff and supplier surveys which uncovered key strengths in their brand.  We then worked to boost morale and renew market interest in their brand by aligning their brand message with their workplace culture.  As a result, we were able to help them retain large existing accounts that were under threat from new competitors.





For Avaelis Hamish created a name that helped put their consulting practice on the map. Avaelis works with a number of large private and Government organisations.  We have since worked with Avaelis to implement visual and digital branding.



Corporate Superannuation Partners


For Corporate Superannuation Partners Hamish developed a marketing strategy which allowed them to successfully extend their services into the financial planning market.





For Avisure Hamish developed a visual and verbal brand that helped them launch into a specialized niche market.  We helped Avisure with a brand strategy that has allowed them to market effectively with a perception of stability and experience, in a market that is still in its infancy.  Avisure is now on track to becoming a thought-leader in bird strike avoidance.





Hamish appropriately positioned Unicoatings to help them sell their complete range of services to local and interstate customers. The brand strategy and shift in customer perception has enabled them to secure international project work.





For Northern Business Consultants Hamish guided them through their transition from accountancy to valuable advisory services. Focus groups with staff and clients identified perceptions that were holding them back from achieving growth. The new brand strategy provided a much-needed boost to their growth strategy.


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