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The 5 Secrets of Effective Brand Message

  1. Message is Lived.

The behavioural aspects of brand message are by far the most critical element of any messaging program. What you say has to be proven. What other people say goes some way to building trust. What people experience will determine your brand.

  1. Message is Implied. It is suggested but not directly expressed. For instance, stating that you have ‘great customer service’ brings out the cynic in all of us. You must determine what ‘customer service’ is for your business. Your customers are the only ones qualified to state whether you have ‘great customer service’ Like the superfluity of promoters on social media who call themselves influencers. I’m sorry, but we’ll be the judge of that.

  2. Message Governs Action. Then action governs the perception. Nothing happens without movement; however, what you do, how you do it and how you’re seen to be doing it must be done with thought and consideration. Great brands are the result of hundreds of carefully made decisions.

  3. Message is Experienced. Visual design merely represents the ideal. Logos and graphic design are half-truths as they build an expectation. What’s underneath your veneer? Does it match the expectation or is it a contradiction?

  4. Message is Managed. The term ‘branding’ has so many varied meanings and interpretations that it has become a highly subjective concern. Unfortunately, this has meant that brand management has primarily relied on conformity to a visual style. Actions, behaviours and how you respond to situations can be just as easily designed and managed in the same way. If you set standards and then measure your conduct, you can stay on a course to build a formidable brand.

Marketing is hard work. Brand building is hard work.

Don’t talk about authenticity. Make a plan, implement it and get a return from it.

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