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Customer Service is Very Easy.

However, for many businesses, customer service is difficult when internal politics are allowed to prevail, and the inner workings of the organisation become more important than the needs of the customer.

The longer this goes on, the harder it is to reverse.

Habits become culture.

So what is the definition of ‘customer service’ that best applies in the current competitive landscape?


When customers analyse and determine whether a company has excellent customer service, usually what they are judging is time.

How many rings until a phone answers, how long they wait in a queue, the time they’re on hold, the time it takes to receive a quote, how long it takes to receive a refund or a report. How long it takes to receive something via courier.

Are you five minutes early for an appointment or five minutes late?

You can have a below average product and be successful with above average customer service.

Therefore, customer service is quite easy to attain. It doesn’t require complex strategies, ideas or systems.

Put effort into establishing and rewarding good habits.

Don't wait. The resulting culture will increase sales.

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