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Experience Counts

Improve the client experience at every point in your business and avoid contradiction. Airport Baggage collection - as soon as you step off the aircraft, the brand promises of the airline typically comes to an end. The airline that recognises this will be at an advantage.

Also, let’s view supermarket and retail self-checkouts for what they are - a transference of labour burden with no discount. Shouldn't we be rewarded somehow for scanning and bagging our own groceries?

To make a start consider the following:

  • Get the fundamentals right first. No matter what industry you’re in or what your turnover is, you need to respond quickly, deliver on your promises and provide followup. The icing doesn’t matter if the cake is missing an ingredient.

  • Be careful with technology. Automation for marketing and administration is a tremendous thing, but is it helping your client as much as it’s helping you?

  • Are you building your brand? Does the experience you offer live up to the expectations you’ve created from your marketing and communications activities? Contradictions will jeopardise repeat business.

  • Small changes make a difference. “customer experience” is a vast subject that may seem daunting, however, keep in mind that you are already providing an experience. The key is to identify where you can improve.

Hamish Chadwick.

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