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Avoiding Competitive Fatigue

It's easy to get despondent and think 'how can my competitors get away with that?', or 'why are my customers behaving in a particular way?', or more commonly, 'why do customers always question price?'. It's not their fault, and you shouldn't hate your competitor. One of the most powerful dynamics you can manage to your advantage is the competitive positioning you have with your competition. Common symptoms of competitive fatigue are feeling that you have to explain to every single customer why your offering is better, unique and why your pricing is what it is. Common causes are being your market's best kept secret, meaning that you have a great value offering but your branding is silent. The purpose of branding is to build value before your conversation. This means putting a picture in your target customers mind so they can clearly understand your value first.

Branding in this regard is about managing expectations to ensure your sales process is focused on customer value, not yours. It also means the focus of your discussion is on helping your client, not justifying price. The easiest way to combat competitive fatigue is to ensure your brand touch points are correctly conveying your unique value at every opportunity. Think about this: customers will only knock on your door to see how you can help them, not if.

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