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Have You Thought About This?

What is brand strategy?

  • Acting in a professional manner?

  • Having the best visual brand in the industry?

  • Curating your social media?

  • Offering the best customer service?


These points are all subjective and more to the point they are just platforms from which to market your brand.

Brand strategy is knowing how to respond to changes in the competitive landscape. It’s about being mindful of how to deal with change that ensures you have the best chance of retaining and attracting new business.

Change is taking place all the time. Technology that reduces labour intensity, legislation that dictates how you operate as well as customers attitudes and priorities - the list goes on.

The only way you’re going to thrive is to know why you’re different. What single idea must you defend that has attracted people to your business and will keep them coming back?

Why is it important?

Customers don’t like change. Unfortunately for you if you’re going to remain relevant and thrive, your only choice is change.

Brand strategy is, therefore, the art of moving forward while appearing to stand still.

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