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Where's Your Substance?

Actions and behaviours speak louder than words. However, we expect our message to do all the hard work.

What we too quickly forget is that brands and in particular brand language establishes the expectation, makes the promise and sets the stage. What it can’t do however is deliver.

Through marketing and advertising, brands always have a lot to say.

From clever taglines to slick explainer videos, we're bombarded with considered and emotive language.

What does your brand promise?

  • Speed?

  • Range?

  • Expertise?

  • Access?

  • Exclusivity?

  • Technology?

  • Creativity?

  • Peace of mind?

  • Excitement?

  • Trust?

  • … Disruption?

Think about your brand and list the top two promises you make.

Using the six points below, describe how you deliver on your promises in each of these areas.

  1. Behaviours:

  2. Policy:

  3. Management style:

  4. Technology:

  5. Culture:

  6. Design:

If you’re going to commit, you need a plan. Delivery requires decision making and action.

Brands without a strategy are just shopfronts with nothing of any value beyond the door.

If you don’t have a plan to deliver and live your brand at every point within your business, then your marketing and advertising is just hot air.

© Hamish Chadwick

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