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Brand Strategy For The New Economy

Will Your Brand Fail You?

Arm Yourself with Powerful Tactics

Email My Complimentary 4 Step Brand Strategy eBooklet as a PDF.

Customer loyalty is fragile and usually a result of convenience. Market share is the prize of those willing to be distinctive.​

Learn the difference between competitiveness and distinctiveness

Understand the difference between a brand platform and a brand tactic

Why 'calls to action' in traditional marketing are dead

Examples on how to

Re-Position your competitors and win customers

100% Privacy. We will never share your info.

See why attacking your competitors weaknesses will set you up to fail

Praise for Hamish's work

Brand Strategy for the New Economy encapsulates Hamish's expansive experience in marketing over many years using practical methodologies in an ever-changing business environment to achieve measurable results". 


"That’s why I trust Hamish to develop cutting edge marketing strategies for my Group of private companies and public companies that I serve, and will continue to do so moving forward.”


Paul Nielsen

Small Business Owner


Council Of Small Businesses Of Australia

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