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What Are Your Transition Barriers?

A transition barrier is anything that impedes a customer from moving from using a competitor product or service to purchasing and using your product or service.

Transition barriers are varied, here are some examples:

Price and perceived value: If buyers think your offering is comparatively expensive, this is often the result of low perceived value. Unless there are genuine issues around build quality or delivery, your perceived value can be increased if you frame your message suitably.

Convenience: how difficult is the product to access or purchase? It could be anything from a lack of parking space to cumbersome e-commerce systems. A competitor who offers fewer features at a slightly higher price which has easier access or a seamless online shopping experience will win.

Image: does your alternative make the customer look good regardless of how much better it might perform?

Do you know the cost of moving? There’s no point in pushing what you think to be benefits if the expenses incurred to change to your product or service is deemed to be high. Be prepared to offer legitimate solutions and strategies to reduce any changeover costs.

Stop selling benefits and start selling the transition. Advantages, features and differentiation are vital for any marketing message, just approach it from your buyer’s perspective rather than your own.

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